Reiki and the menopause

There are as many different ways of managing the menopause as there are menopausal women and we're open to sharing any and all methods you may have found of benefit. With that in mind, in this post we have asked Helen Elder, a Reiki Master based in Oxfordshire, for her insights into how this complementary therapy can be used during the menopause.

Helen runs The Healing Room, an entirely holistic practice in Wantage and is is an intuitive healer who has worked with hundreds of clients to help them find healing and guidance through her unique combination of treatments. Helen also runs courses to show how you can use Reiki to help heal yourself and others.

Helen Elder of The Healing Room, Wantage

In the many traditional cultures of our heritage, the menopause was considered a very sacred time for a woman, and indeed was celebrated as such. It was a time of change where the shift from one cycle of a woman’s life to the next was highly regarded and respected. A time where women were guided, nurtured and celebrated through the menopause with ceremonies and rituals that honoured the closing out of the ‘Mother’ cycle and the beginning of the ‘Crone’ cycle. The menopause was venerated because it meant that the woman was entering the ‘Wise Woman’ phase of her life; she was becoming the ‘Elder’ of the tribe and passing into a phase where she would be revered for her wisdom and experience.

Alas, in our modern Western culture, the menopause is often treated in quite a different way. The focus tends to be more on the loss of youth and vitality, rather than the honouring of the Wise Woman, and women can be made to feel ashamed of this change. The menopause is much more likely to be greeted with dread, fear and embarrassment, especially when the symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flushes, sweating, anxiety, mood changes and brain fog are experienced.

Whilst few modern women have the opportunity to attend ceremonies that embrace and celebrate this change as we once did, there are many complementary therapies that can help women get in touch with their deeper selves in order to navigate the menopause in a much more confident way, following in the footsteps of our ancestors, as well as help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms that can occur. Reiki is one complementary therapy that fits into this category.

Reiki is a system of accessing natural healing energy that is very easy to learn and use. The practitioner accesses this energy of pure vibrational light and channels it into the recipient. Automatically, the body’s own healing system responds and any imbalance that is causing discomfort can be brought back into balance. Reiki doesn’t only help physical discomfort however, as it also works with mental and emotional imbalance to bring more peace and harmony to any upset or distress.

Reiki is a holistic therapy, meaning that it works with you as an individual person with your specific needs, and is a very safe and unobtrusive therapy. There is no manipulation involved and the only requirement is that you allow the healing to take place. Although every person experiences a Reiki treatment differently, sessions often induce deep relaxation and a sense of stillness in the recipient.

An added benefit of Reiki is that you are not dependent on another practitioner to receive a treatment, as you can learn to channel it for yourself. You can learn Reiki in one day and by that evening will be able to channel this healing light through your own hands and into your own body to alleviate any menopausal symptoms - any time day or night. It is like having your own energetic first aid kit! Reiki also works on a deeper level to help you to find your way back to yourself. A significant transition like the menopause can leave us feeling a bit lost as we sit on the bridge between what we are leaving behind and what we are moving into. But working gently with Reiki, either in your own practice or by visiting a practitioner, can bring you a deep sense of peace and belonging through this time, and help you feel more positive.

Reiki is available to everyone – there are no prerequisites or requirements meaning that anyone and everyone can discover and benefit from this healing therapy, and once you have accessed this wonderful healing tool, you will never look back!



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