Move your body through menopause…

Exercise is often cited as a great way to manage your menopause symptoms. It's so much easier said than done as we juggle our day to day lives and other commitments. We asked Katie Morris, a respected fitness expert, to contribute a Blog post for us to explain the benefits and options.

“Exercise in menopause should be compulsory”

Katie Morris, Fitness Expert talks to Menomagic®

Although I don’t like the actual word ‘exercise’, as it brings an unnecessary fear of god into many women. So much so, that they put up many barriers and prevent ever getting startedon any form of movement. But, for the sake of this article and ease of reading, we’ll stick

with it…

The benefits of exercise really are endless, and even more so through menopause. We so often hear about how we need to exercise to lose body fat, but we often forget to acknowledge the other benefits. As we age our body breaks down muscle and bone quicker than we can repair or reproduce it, therefore exercise plays a key role in maintaining strong muscles and healthy bones into our later years. Not forgetting the feel-good hormones (endorphins) that are released after exercise can have such a positive impact on the rest of your day, not only do you feel great, you’re more inclined to eat well, get a good night’s sleep, stress less, smile at a stranger, be calmer with your partner or children – almost sounds too good to be true!

So, where to start with exercise through menopause?

Firstly, if you are still engaging in forms of exercise that you do not enjoy, stop. Stop that

right now!!

There are so many beautiful forms of exercise and body movement - there is something out

there for everyone. Give yourself the time to discover what forms of movement feel good

for you. Choose to move in ways that make you feel a heart-warming combination of strong

AND sexy. Move in ways that light you up, not in ways that societal conditioning has told

you that you “should” move i.e. going to the gym. Although it’s often the last thing we feel

like doing - especially when we’re lacking in energy for everyday tasks and feeling a little

sorry for ourselves - getting moving is a great way to show ourselves self-care.

You don’t need a pricey gym membership to exercise either. You can dance in your

bedroom to your favourite songs, follow along with free fitness videos on YouTube, or you

can simply pop some trainers on and head out for a walk or run. Exercising outside has

additional benefits too, particularly for women and reducing stress levels.

Schedule movement in your diary

Another useful tip is to schedule your movement in your diary and make it a priority – cancel in life or death situations only. If you’re hungover on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself because you indulged in one too many glasses of wine the night before (we all deserve those nights) – stand up, give yourself a shake and remember why you started this

journey in the first place.

Below are some examples of ways you can move your body through menopause:

Gentle/brisk walking

Light jogging

Home workouts

Gym Classes



Tai Chi



Salsa dancing




Now if you’re wondering who the hell I am - here’s a little bit about me and what I do…

I am the ‘Mind & Body Realist’ with a whole lot of passion and knowledge to serve you

with…yes you! Women of a certain age, entering or thinking about the later stages in life

and that dreaded word…MENOPAUSE!

Often life runs away with us, we blink and we find ourselves in a stressful and demanding job, kids are growing up, maybe even some grandchildren to help raise, possibly caring for our own parents too. Even typing that paragraph gives me anxiety, there’s no time to think,

where and when will it all end? In the midst of all this comes the hot flushes, the night sweats, the migraines, the itchy skin, the mood swings, libido loss, the list goes on…


I am here to help you

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? I can provide you with the tools and tasks

you need, to switch your mindset and approach and prepare your body to READY, AIM &

FIRE yourself into Menopause.

The thing is…I’m going to need your help…

I can provide you with the essentials but I need you to take ACTION! I’m here to guide you

and motivate you and most of all hold you accountable, BUT there’s no fire without the fuel

and that’s where you come in.

If you’d like to know more about the work I do with menopausal women, please contact me

through one of the options below and I’d love to find out a little more about you too.

Join the FREE Facebook for support and advice on how to tackle menopause, simply search for “Menopause Mastermind” on Facebook

Book a FREE support call by emailing me on and find out how we can

work together in a group or 1:1 program with like-minded women on the same journey of

self-discovery and managing menopause.

Alternatively send me a message on Facebook @katiemorrisfitness or Instagram

@katie_morris_fitness and let me know what you thought of this article and any additional

ways that I can help support and guide you through your journey.


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