Introducing Our New Products

Updated: Feb 3

We're pleased to say that our new products are now available online in our shop. Thank you for your patience and input over the last few months as we tweaked the ideas before getting to this stage.

We've worked with UK chemists to formulate and test the blends. Like the original Cooling Cream, the aim is not to 'cure' your menopause symptoms - but simply make life that little bit more bearable while you are in this stage of life.

As always, our start and end point is natural ingredients - no artificial perfumes, no hormones and no Progesterone.

The products are designed to use natural ingredients to target specific issues you may encounter as a result of the menopause - and whether it's the Frankincense in our Facial Serum, or the Vitamins A, E & F in our Body Butter, every ingredient has earned its place.

Find out below what each of the products can do for you.

Menopause, Dry Skin & Our Nourishing Body Butter

Reduced oestrogen leads to dry, itchy or tingling skin. Our new Body Butter uses Rose and Lavender oils as well as Vitamins A and E to heal the skin while providing excellent moisturisation. This Body Butter has a subtle, natural scent and penetrates the skin quickly without clogging pores. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin. Just £12.99. (External use only)

Menopause, Reduced Collagen & Our Rejuvenating Facial Serum

During and after the menopause, reduced collagen, dryness and decreased skin elasticity leads to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Marula Oil contains Amino acids and Vitamins C & E to revitalise and renew skin. Meanwhile, Tocopherol (Vitamin E),  and curated oils (Apricot, Rose Damask, Rose Geranium and Frankincense) hydrate to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The result is radiant, younger looking skin. Only £18.99.

Menopause, Broken Sleep & Our 'Sound Asleep' Pillow Spray

61% of post-menopausal women experience insomnia. Triggers include anxiety, night sweats and hormone fluctuations.

Our 'Sound Asleep' Pillow Spray promotes a deep sleep - without the need for deep pockets! Try our balanced blend of Lavender and Rose Geranium oils, designed to relax and ease anxiety. Simply spray a fine mist over your pillows & duvet just before bed. Just £9.99.

Menopause, Hot flushes, Night Sweats & Our Cooling Cream.

Hot flushes and Night Sweats are the most well known of the 34(!) menopause symptoms. Regular customers will know that our original, bestselling Cooling Cream uses a blend of four oils to help cool the skin, day or night.

A popular request has been to introduce a smaller dispenser size and we're pleased to introduce this. Our new 15ml dispenser is perfect to carry with you. Just £7.99 (15ml) or £14.99 (50ml).

The Menomagic™ Collection

As well as buying the products individually, you also have the opportunity to purchase the entire collection at a discounted price.


'All in One' Cooling Cream (50ml)

'All in One' Cooling Cream (15ml)

Rejuvenating Facial Serum (50ml)

Nourishing Shea Body Butter (100ml)

'Sound Asleep' Pillow Spray (100ml)

£59.99 (RRP £64.95) and Free Delivery!

Steven and his mum, Karen

Thank you all for your support, we hope you enjoy finding out about the range. Remember, we have now introduced Free Delivery on all orders over £35 - simply add you items in the Shop page and the delivery will be deducted automatically. You can continue to pay by Paypal or Debit/Credit card by clicking the 'Checkout Now' button.

Steven and Karen x

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