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Natural Wellness Products to Maintain you through the Menopause

Menomagic™ was launched on World Menopause Day in October 2018 and after being featured in the national media is now trusted by thousands of women.


The range has been developed by holistic therapist Steven Crumblehulme in conjunction with UK chemists. It was originally formulated for his own clients, and his mum Karen, who had struggled for several years with hot flushes and night sweats but who did not want HRT.


After the success of the original Cooling Cream, further products have recently been released. All are tailored to addressing key concerns that can arise as a result of the menopause. Shop now or see below for further details of our products.

The Menomagic™ range consists of the following products:

Our 'Sound Asleep' Pillow Spray tackles the insomnia and broken sleep patterns that can come with the menopause. Lavender and Rose Geranium oils combine to ease anxiety and aid relaxation.

Our Rejuvenating Marula Oil Facial Serum contains a variety of oils and vitamins to tackle the fine lines and wrinkles that can come with reduced collagen production during and after the menopause.

Our Nourishing Body Butter is subtly infused with Rose Geranium, Lavender and Shea Butter to moisturise dry or itchy menopausal skin.

Our original 'All in One' Cooling Cream has sold out several times in the past. Using a combination of four oils in a luxurious base cream, it acts to cool the skin at day or night. Find out why, after only one year, so many women are now regular buyers of our signature product. Available in 50ml or the new 15ml travel size.


All products are paraben-free, vegan-friendly and use only cruelty free ingredients. 

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