Menomagic Sleep Bundle

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Sleeplessness is one of the biggest issues faced during the menopause. Our Sleep Bundle is designed to help you find a more restful night using the natural properties of essential oils. It comes in a card bag making a perfect gift.

The Sleep Bundle contains;

1 x Sound Asleep Pillow Spray - Beautifully scented with Lavender to aid sleep and Rose Geranium to ease anxiety. Just lightly spray a few times over your bed before sleep.

1 x 15ml Cooling Cream - With 4 essential oils;

  • Peppermint to cool the skin during hot flushes or night sweats
  • Rose Geranium to ease anxiety and uplift low moods
  • Lavender to aid sleep and relaxation
  • Clary Sage to balance hormones.

1 x Nourishing Shea Body Butter - Can be used before sleep to moisturise dry or itchy skin. With Lavender and Rose Geranium to aid sleep and relaxation.

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